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Monkfish Stew, ready to eat in a bowl

Monkfish Stew

Blue whale microwaveable back warmer

Tips on how to reduce pain naturally

Diabetic Foot Care

Sesame Chicken Salad with Granny Smith apples, dried cranberries, & sesame seeds

Sesame Chicken Salad – Gluten-free

Photo collage of a woman soaking her feet, Maine Warmer's Foot Warmer booties on feet, & Foot Warmer pad with feet on them

Foot soaks and heat therapy to rejuvenate sore, tired feet

What’s hot, sweaty, sexy, & aerobic?

dog microwave heat pads

Do you talk to yourself out loud?

man using whale shaped microwave heating pad to help relax back muscles before surgery

How a microwave heating pad can help reduce the stress of surgery

Fried Oysters -- gluten-free

Fried Oysters – Gluten-free

Woman using heating pad to help with the pain of arthritis

Gentle cold therapy helps reduce swelling after surgery