Tips on how to reduce pain naturally

Here are a few tips on how to reduce pain naturally. There are more resources listed at the bottom of this post, and some offer suggestions for herbal remedies, but keep in mind that herbs are medicines even though they are natural.

Scientists are finding out more about how physical exercise helps people at all stages of life even when motion causes mild sheep body warmers heat paddiscomfort. A walk, yoga (even in a chair), and isometric exercises can reduce stress and help manage pain. It will also brighten your mood.

For people with arthritis, keeping joints moving is critical. Yoga is a great tool and is often recommended by physicians.

Listening to soothing music may also help reduce stress and allow your mind to escape the pain for awhile. A hobby, movie, or a good book may also offer escape for awhile.

A diet rich in veggies, whole grains, and protein will help you feel the best even if it doesn’t do away with your pain. Your skin and hair will feel softer and look more vibrant. Skip the chips, soda, and sweets as much as possible and notice how much better your body feels. Allow yourself a sweet treat once in awhile.

Go out with friend and laugh as much as possible.  Social interaction is important at any time, but when you are experiencing pain or when you have an illness, you may begin to feel isolated and depressed.

Meditation or even taking ten minutes to sit quietly and contemplate something other than the pain – like focusing on a bouquet of flowers, a piece of art, a landscape or seascape scene. Maybe that is what Robert Frost was doing when he stoppedGirl using Snowy Owl microwave heating pad to ease a tummy ache by the woods on a snowy evening. Find a level of activity that you can manage and keep at it.

Use a heating pad to relax tense muscles at the end of the day. The heat will help increase circulation and flexibility as well as relax muscles that are tight or in spasm. Maine Warmers Sheep heating pad offers soothing comfort with companionship for someone who has arthritis. For a child with juvenile arthritis, the gift of a Snowy Owl heating pad may be just the thing to bring a smile along with comfort.

Other Resources for reducing pain naturally

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