Really Natural Product Review

Comments from e-Bay Buyers

The following comments are listed with permission from emails sent to us by customers:

Oh. My. Goodness. I’m already using it (Black Bear), and I LOVE it– it’s just what I need!!  ~J. C. Scarborough, ME 11-3-16

I am so excited to have won the hand warmers! Thank you for the contest. These will come in handy this summer. The office air conditioning is so cold I have a hard time typing. Weird right ?!?!? Thanks again.  ~S.C. Marietta, GA 2-25-16

A Sheep arrived on December 19th via US Priority Mail. I have fed and exercised him and now he is back in his pen waiting to be introduced to the world on Christmas morning. Thanks and Merry Christmas!  ~A.G. Medford, MA 12-21-15

My extra long neck warmer is wonderful for sciatica. I heat or cool it and then run it from my back to all the way down my leg, following the sciatic nerve. It really helps. ~A.E. Seneca Falls, NY 12-3-15

Three weeks ago, I had a bilateral mastectomy and the doctor said to use heat several times a day to promote healing. So, Mr. Sheep and I have become very good friends. ~C.S. Orland Park, IL 9-8-15

It is a winter weather day here today and we are seriously addicted to our Maine Warmers. They are THE answer to cold hands or shoulders and certainly the best solution for a sore back or a stiff elbow. We do use ours in the summer months to cool off or to treat an unexpected injury. Of course,  it is an easy thing to keep one in the freezer and find relief in a moment. Thank you for this fine quality product. Most sincerely, ~K.R. Williamsburg, Virginia 1-27-15

We found a great use for our Maine Warmers that we got for Christmas presents for our children.  We recently came home to a freezing cold house, literally!  There was a problem with our furnace, and although the company was on its way over to fix it, it was late and the kids needed to get to bed.  We warmed up their Maine Warmers in the microwave, got them some extra blankets and tucked them in.  Cuddling with a warm stuffed animal was just what they needed.  Thank you, Maine Warmers! ~K.B. Scarborough, Maine 1-13-15

Sizzzzzllllleeeeeeee! Can you hear that? It’s the sound of my ice cold feet hitting the insides of my Maine Warmers [Foot Warmers]!!! Tee hee!! Heaven!!! ~S.C. Scarborough, Maine 12-30-14

Thank you so much…..I had ordered these warmers years ago and remembered you!  My adult son will be happy with the new one for his birthday!  They are so nice. ~C.V. Dover, Pennsylvania 11-13-14

I wanted to share with you that I gave my dad his Father’s Day present early. He loved both items and loved that they were matching navy blue. Very happy guy and couldn’t have come at a better time for him physically. Dad also loved that you went to the trouble to make a custom navy blue cover for him, made him feel extra special. Thank you. I also wanted you to know how impressed I (we) are with the quality of the products. Truly, they are pieces of art. I sew and contemplated making my own. I’m so glad I didn’t because yours are beautiful quality. You’ll be seeing an order from me again sometime and I’m going to be referring you like crazy! ~C.V. Manhattan Beach, CA 6-10-14

My sister gave me a microwave sheep heating pad from Maine Warmers. I have a lot wrong with my back and have arthritis among other things. Using the sheep when I first get up has made a big difference in reducing stiffness and facilitating movement. I also use it during the day. In addition to selling a great product, it is a pleasure doing business with the company. I highly recommend the sheep. And doing business with the nice people who work at Maine Warmers. ~P.P. New York, NY 4-2-14

…we are tax preparers with very tight neck muscles!! Our existing back warmer (which we love) doesn’t work quite as well [as a Neck Warmer] when you are cranking out tax returns at work. I expect we should have ordered two, as we may not want to share. ~M.B. Northborough, MA 3-13-14

My new warmer arrived yesterday! Thank you so much! Was awesome having both the regular size and now the extra large back one to use at night. So glad I ordered the extra large one for myself. Also – the one I ordered as a gift in January – the recipient hurt their back last week and was glad to have their new one. Thanks so much for this great product! ~ J.G. – Marcellus, NY 3-3-2014

This winter has been extremely cold and at least one person in our family has been sick with a cough and cold every week. Our sheep warmer has never gotten more use — we heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes and cuddle on the couch under a blanket. It feels so good on our tummies, backs, and even just in our arms as we are falling asleep.  We are all starting to fight over our sheep and I think it’s time to order one for each member of our family! ~ J.H.  Scarborough, ME 1-28-14

Maine Warmers are a life saver in the cold! I was apprehensive of the black sheep warmer my sister in law had and didn’t think it could really do much to warm me in the negative temperatures. I was pleasantly surprised!! The warmer was literally a miracle when the heat went out and we were all shivering. Just a few minutes in the microwave go an absurdly long way and kept us warm for hours. We ordered one to take back to Richmond with us and can’t wait to order more for us and also for others as gifts. These warmers are truly amazing! ~ T.B.  Richmond, VA 1-25-14

I received my neck warmer today thank you for sending so quickly. This is the 3rd one we purchased from you for my personal use – love them! ~N.M. Southington, CT, 1-4-2014

Over a week ago I had an unremarkable bicycle accident that ended up with quite a remarkable injury. The end result was 8 facial fractures. We’ve been waiting for the swelling to subside before surgery…. my whale Maine Warmer has been a lifesaver as a frozen pack. 🙂 ~M.W. Ogunquit, ME 7-13-12

I really love your warmers! I am using one right now. One of my favorite uses-for my horrible migraines, is to freeze one and microwave a second one. Put the microwaved one on the back of the neck and the frozen one on the forehead. This idea was given to me by my specialist, who also suffers from migraine headaches. It really does give relief from that horrible pain! Repeat as needed. I thought that other sufferers of migraine headaches might benefit from this great idea, so please feel free to share this info on your website. Thanks so much for such great products. ~D.A. Atkinson, Maine 7-10-12

My husband and I purchased the hand warmers for my stepfather who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  He is always cold, especially his hands, so we thought this was an excellent gift for Christmas. We were right — this was the best gift we could have given him. He just loves them. They are so toasty and they continue to stay that way for a long time. He also uses them on his neck or forearm or wherever he feels a chill. He even puts them in is bed to warm that up before he gets in. Needless to say, they are used continuously throughout the day…they are used all the time, even on hot summer days as he still gets cold. For all of the use the mitts get, they have held up wonderfully. ~A.L.B. Sheffield Lake, Ohio 7-2-2010

I had spine surgery 11 years ago and have 2 rods around my spine, so this time of year I get sore from wearing heavy coats, and just the cold weather itself.  I am very impressed with your products, and I actually joined your Facebook community just a few minutes ago and also signed up for your newsletter.  Not only are the products great, but your customer service is excellent. ~G.M. Montgomery, OH, 2-4-2010

I was last months winner of a wonderful cozy black sheep. I love it! It is perfect and now I am getting ready to have back surgery and may need to order the back warmer. Thanks again for providing such a good product. ~D. M., Flat Rock, MI, 12-3-09

I so look forward to your newsletter every month!  You always have a great story to tell.  As winter approaches here in Salt Lake City, I also look forward to the end of my work day with my Maine warmer(s) awaiting my arrival at home. K.B., ~Salt Lake City, Utah, 11-5-09

Me and my wife use our old warmers everyday …they are part of our lifestyle! Out by our fire-pit we have a microwave …. yes a wee hillbilly but awesome ….. and we heat and re-heat our warmers as we sit in the cold here in Minnesota. We are old circus folks so our  parts are a bit creaky. Old circus folks are called “Kinkers” as they are always trying to work the kinks out. Your Warmers so help sooth our joints! ~S.R.E. Roseville, MN, 11-5-09

WE love your products. So far we have only ordered them for others, relatives not living with us. They have been extremely pleased so I ordered the 2 bears for my 2 kids. Your warmers were the only thing that finally was able to “warm up” my father in law last winter, when he was ill and recovering from cancer. WE had ordered 2, one for mom and one for Dad, but somehow, Dad ended up with both. He did not even wait until Christmas to open his gift, he tore into it right away and immediately started using them, one for his neck and the other in his lap! ~S.C., Davis, CA 11-5-09

I’ve recently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I’ve found that corn-bags work far better than anything I’ve used to relieve the swelling and pain. I only had one that my daughter bought me years ago before I knew I had RA… it was a long, rather narrow tube type bag and did not work well at all for wrists, ankles, feet, hands, etc, but I was able to use it well enough to tell the corn was helping far more than heating pads, thermal wraps, etc. I searched the internet for a couple of days without any significant results and I was about to think that corn wraps were a thing of the past, but then I came across your site. When I saw your adorable designs and the sizes you offered I just had to have one… or two! When they arrived I was so impressed. As I mentioned before, the workmanship is outstanding and the designs are adorable. I had been out shopping with my sister so when I got home my ankle was very swollen and sore. The box was on the porch, I opened it and immediately threw the gray kitty in the microwave, heated it up and laid it on my ankle… ahhhh, heaven I tell ya!! It wasn’t too heavy, formed around my ankle perfectly, it retained the heat, and it’s cute little face had me smiling through my pain… I can’t say that about an electric heating pad!! Seriously, your corn-warmers are far better than a heating pad in every way!! ~C.E. Wimberley, TX 7-14-09

Thank you…I had a heating pad and it fell apart on me, after a year and a half using it every day. I was heart-broken because I have a very bad back…it hurts all day… and now I had knee surgery. I found your site [www.mainewarmers.com] by accident and now I have enough money together to get three of what I really need. I feel so blessed that I can get these now. Thank you so much …My grand kids will get some for Christmas for their tummy aches. They love to use mine when they’re not feeling well … bless you. ~G.F., Jacksonville, FL 3-31-09

We ordered your Grey Harbor Seal just before Christmas. Our daughter, age 7, loves him. He is warmed & put under the covers each night while she gets ready for bed. It has become a special routine that makes her feel, as she says, “Warm & Cozy”. Many Thanks to you & your company for the warmth added to her heart! Happy Customer ~T.S., Pasadena, MD 2-4-09

First of all, thank you for your products. I use the back warmers and neck warmers a lot and really like them. I thought you might like this story: my two youngest daughters are graduating college this spring. I gave each of them one of your back warmers when they were freshmen. These have become an important element in the house they now share as seniors with three other girls, with everyone putting “dibs on the heat packs” when they have cramps (pretty much a constant occurrence in a house with 5 girls!). ~K.K. Santa Barbara, CA 2-2-2009

This is my 3rd order from you this winter. I should have thought about giving a warmer to my dad for Christmas, but it will still be an enjoyable surprise for him now. Meanwhile, I’m loving my neck warmer (which arrived just a couple of weeks ago) and am wondering how I ever spent evenings without it around my neck! Thanks for your great products and high quality! …the only problem we have with your Maine Warmers is that since we use FOUR of them every evening, it creates a little competition for the microwave. I’m impressed with how well the Warmers hold the heat. If I take the neck warmer off my neck after an hour or so and spread it over my lap, I still feel a nice warmth from it. I wouldn’t have dreamed that corn kernels could hold such heat… and hold and hold it! It’s great! ~J.K. De Forest, WI 1-28-2009

I sat for Ella and Grey tonight and wanted to tell you that Meghan, my daughter in law, and Ella practically fight over your sheep warmer. I have another one and will let them have it. I think I shall order the bunny for Ella. She cuddles up in bed with the sheep and falls sound asleep!! Then Meghan slips it out from under her when she goes to bed. Meghan has been having neck problems and your Maine Warmer really helps her. If you ever need another testimonial, you can count on all of us!! ~C.D. Brunswick, ME 1-16-2009

I ordered 4 of your cozy critters for Christmas gifts and they are a big hit! My daughter in law has been ill with a colon infection and the hot water bottle just didn’t stay warm enough for very long. I gave her the sheep and it is her constant companion! My grandson loves his moose and the panda bear and kitty cat were Christmas gifts also, but I forgot me! So, these two critters are for me. My daughter in law ordered a back warmer for my son who is in Iraq right now. I didn’t even think of it! I just wanted to let you know how much we love them! I can’t wait to see the seal! They are all absolutely adorable! ~D.P. East Wenatchi, WA 1-8-2009

My husband loves these booties, he has MS and diabetes and this is the first time in years we have been able to warm his icy feet – best purchase ever!!!! ~D.M. Braham, MN 12-19-2008

You have made such a unique and adorable product. After searching online, I found nothing which looks to have the same quality of design of yours. I am so glad to have found you! Thank you for such quick order fulfillment too, especially at this busy time. ~H.B. Grand Island, NE 12-16-2008

Just wanted to let you know that I have ordered several Maine Warmers in the past. We use them at home and have also given them as gifts. They are TERRIFIC, well made, durable and very effective. They hold the heat wonderfully and have been a great comfort in our cold Wisconsin winters. Thanks for offering such a great product! ~J.K. DeForest, WI 12-10-2008

Thank you so much for taking care of my order so quickly! I enjoy your products, and love reading your newsletter too. I look forward to staying warm and also giving a couple of the warmers as gifts. ~L.C., New Fairfield, CT 11-21-2008

I’d like you to know that one of my favorite things in the world is my Maine Warmer…..it helps my aching feet, both in the summer and in the winter (when I warm it up.) My husband also appreciates it because it means my icy toes are not under his legs trying to warm up! When my calves hurt, it helps elevate them a bit in bed. My kids call it “Mom’s corn thingy,” and sometimes they’ll get it hot and toasty for me. I think the weight and the consistency feel just right! So, it is with pleasure that I give them to my friend’s that are turning 50 this year….one named Betsy whose children are throwing her a surprise party! The cozy cat will be for Patty, a mere 49 this July….yet I know her newly arthritic hands will enjoy the warmth, and won’t he look adorable as an accent pillow on her sofa?? My 50th is coming up in October….so the neck warmer will be the “long corn thingy” to accompany my back warmer, which, is my toe warmer! Thanks for the great products…” ~N.R, Drexell Hill, PA 7-12-2008

I would like to compliment your company on the outstanding product I ordered and received this week. My mother gave me a “comfort warmer” over 5 years ago and it has helped nurse me through surgery, bulging discs in my neck, a herniated disc in my lower spine, a mild spinal fracture, and now osteoporosis. My husband saw that it was getting old and we found your web site one evening. We ended up ordering a warmer and I just want to say I am totally impressed that the cover is washable. My old one was not. Thanks for the outstanding service, but most of all the outstanding product. ~P.B. Melbourne, FL 6-7-2008

My daughter received the ‘mouse warmer’ and we tried it out this weekend. He actually slept in his crib a few hours! (We used it as a warmer and on his stomach while all swaddled up). Two of the nights I was there, he slept on me all swaddled with the mouse. He slept from 12 to 7:30 AM. My daughter thanked me for some badly needed uninterrupted sleep. Now we try the crib at night with the mouse. Thanks again – something worked! ~J.C. Starke, FL 1-30-2008

I thought you’d like to know that your Maine Foot Warmers are big hit with my husband. His cold feet are no longer keeping him awake at night and thinks they’re terrific. Thanks! ~L.H. Portland, ME 11-20-2007

Having been on oxygen 24 hours a day for ten years, I am ordering some of your Maine Warmers BECAUSE-on electric heating pad directions and precautions it says “Do not use in the presence of oxygen”. This, I think, is because if the electric pad overheats and the sheets catch on fire, there may be sparks, and the oxygen might explode. Since I don’t wish this to happen to me, I never use electric heating pads or electric blankets (or get near candles or fires). I don’t think anyone has ever mentioned this to me, and doubt if many people know it. ~C.R.S. Amesbury, MA 9-1-2007