How a microwave heating pad can help reduce the stress of surgery

The thoughts of having surgery can boost the stress level into the danger zone on the worry meter.  Stress contributes to more physical problems brought on by lack of sleep, eating too many comfort foods and drinking too much wine, which can man using whale shaped microwave heating pad  to help relax back muscles before surgerydisrupt sleep and cause a lousy feeling the next day. A microwave heating pad can help in a number of ways.

Staying in good physical shape helps before surgery and in post-surgery recovery. It keeps those other body parts from freezing up, and it may help you sleep.  Talk to your doctor about what you can do for physical exercise before the surgery and after. The recommendations may even involve isometrics. When people exercise it is normal for muscles to stiffen up. The heat from a Back Warmer can help relax the tightness, and keep you moving, which contributes to better circulation and over-all health.

When we are inactive due to illness or surgery, our extremities can feel cold and achy due to lack of circulation. It is almost impossible to go to sleep with cold feet. Podiatrists recommend soaking your feet in a basin of hot water. When you want a quick and easy solution to remedy cold, aching feet, place a microwave moist foot heating pad from Maine Warmers on them. It will bring soothing warmth and relaxation.

Man relaxing with microwave neck warmer

Heat also helps relieve neck tension and may help you sleep better. Many people hold tension in the neck or jaw which can cause stiffness or pain. Place a Neck Warmer on the area where you feel the stress and let the heat relax the muscles.

Maine Warmers microwave heating pad can also be frozen and used as an ice pack to reduce swelling after surgery. The coldness is gentle and not harsh like ice cubes.