Treating Aches & Pains With Heat & Ice

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A variety of aches and pains don’t always warrant a visit to the doctor and can be treated and greatly improved by applying a hot or cold pack to the affected spot. Our hot & cold packs are most effective for improving flexibility in tight muscles, stiffness & pain in joints and minor aches in the lower back or shoulders.

If you are experiencing severe pain it’s best to consult a physician & before treating your pain with a hot or cold pack.

Heat Can Help Relax Your Stiff Muscles

Heat is most effective for relaxing stiff muscles and increasing circulation. If the painful area is swollen, heat should be avoided, but after swelling has gone down heat will help you regain flexibility. Moist heat from our “Warmers” penetrates more deeply into muscles, joints and soft tissue, providing a better alternative to dry heat which can leave skin dehydrated because it draws moisture out. Moist heat therapy is one of the most effective alternatives to pain medication. For more information visit Spine-Health.

Ice Can Help Take The Pain Away!

Cold packs & ice are best to use when you need to reduce swelling and ease pain. Many doctors will recommend icing to help reduce swelling from injuries, surgeries, or from sprains and strains. Again we recommend consulting a physician regarding severe pain and injuries. Use a cold pack for no more than 10 to 20 minute sessions, allowing the skin to return to normal temperature in between each session – about one hour. Do not place ice cubes directly on the skin to avoid frost bite. Usually icing is recommended during the first 48 hours after an injury or surgery. Consult your physician for instructions after surgery or after an injury that requires professional medical treatment.

Knee Packs by Catagory

Maine Warmers are filled with whole corn and when frozen do not get as cold as a bag of ice or frozen peas because the water content of the whole corn is significantly reduced. Whole corn has been dried about 70%. The frozen corn may feel more comfortable than ice cubes or peas because it doesn’t have a high water content.

Our Mainely Ice knee pack has a soft flannel cover to hold a bag of frozen peas, which can be attached around the knee or elbow with its Velcro strap. It also comes with a bag of corn that may be frozen for gentle ice or microwaved for moist heat.


Because of their versatility and durability, Maine Warmers make a great gift for anyone who experiences minor aches & pains.

*check out the Mayo Clinic or the National Institutes for Health for more information on your specific conditions or needs.