What’s hot, sweaty, sexy, & aerobic?

Why Zumba, of course! It takes two to Tango, and the steps are exacting, but with Zumba, the more the merrier and nobody cares if you don’t know the dance steps. The only requirement is that you move your body to the music, smile, and have fun.

You don’t even have to be in good shape to attend. Pick your level so you don’t hurt yourself.  I’ve watched people in my Zumba class drop 30 pounds or more and change shape. I’ve seen pregnant women Zumba until the day before they gave birth, wondering if their babies came out dancing.

The woman in this photo goes to Zumba at least three times a week and is in good shape! Another woman dances with a broken wrist knowing how Woman using a microwave neck warmer to relax stiff neck muslcesimportant it is to keep all of the other body parts moving. One lady has had a stroke, but it doesn’t keep her from a good time. To me, the most amazing woman is the one who wore a scarf on her head for a couple of years as she dealt with chemo. She now has a full head of beautiful, long, dark hair and looks as healthy as can be.

The music is fast, and I think it’s a good thing that I cannot understand the lyrics. I’ve seen people roll their eyes, and when I asked one woman if she knew the words, she replied, “It’s better not to ask.” So, who cares if the music is a bit wild. It’s more healthy than harmful –especially when we can’t understand what they are singing.

If you’re a little sore from dancing, fire up a Maine Warmers’ microwave neck warmer and use it to help stimulate circulation, increase flexibility and soothe overused muscles. It’s hot stuff!

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