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mainemade podcast logoMaine Made Podcast

Laura Serino, Host of Maine Made Podcast, Interview with Betsy Hanscom, Owner of Maine Warmers,

February 2016


Jim Tarriault

Yankee Magazine Blog

Corn-Filled Therapy Packs: A Natural Rx For Aches February 29, 2012

by Jim Therriault, Founder and Proprietor, New England Everyday Goods, Peterborough, NH.

CultureCulture Magazine

Spring 2011

“Forgo sloppy water bottles and inconvenient electric blankets in favor of a microwaveable heating pad—one disguised as a furry friend, that is. Maine Warmers are sewn of soft, hypoallergenic Berber and stuffed with faintly fragrant corn kernels to fashion a microwaveable package that can help alleviate aches and pains with ease. Snuggle up!”

hand warmers blue Betsy handscomRaising Maine

“Taking That Biz Step”, February 2011, p. 20

Hear from 4 entrepreneurial Maine Moms in Charge of Their Growing Careers, [including Betsy Hanscom of Maine Warmers].

lvw bear warmerLas Vegas Weekly Holiday Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers, p. 10, Dec. 2008

Recommends our Cozy Bear

arthritis todayarthritis today p87Arthritis Today

Your Life [Solutions], Gifts of Comfort, p. 87, November & December 2010

Features Maine Warmers’ Palm Packs as “affordable, arthritis-friendly” items for holiday gifts.

Some U.S. Small Businesses Regain Momentum, September 20, 2010

by Andrzej Zwaniecki

port city lifeport city p19Port City Life

NOTEBOOK (Holiday Gift Guide), p. 19, Dec. 2007

Recommends our Cozy Sheep

Fox News Maine – March 20 – 22, 2009

See Maine Warmers’ owner interviewed regarding the New England Products Trade Show at the Portland Sports Complex in Portland Maine.

Writing – by Betsy Hanscom, owner of Maine Warmers

Portland Press Herald, Maine Voices: A helping hand can result in immigrants strengthening our social fabricJuly 21, 2015, regarding the participation of Somali and Cambodian people in the manufacturing of Maine Warmers’ microwave heating pads and ice packs, and the impact on our communities

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Writingby Jennifer Sullivan, Marketing at Maine Warmers

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