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Overstocked items below are a first quality. To order and find more information about these products — size, weight, etc. go to the links below. Or visit our “All Products” page to find several items that are on sale.

Overstocked microwaveable heating pads

Baseball Back Warmer  $18.00

Extra Long Neck Wrap in Brick Hearth  $30.00

Black Dachshund Neck Warmer  $28.00

Woman using heating pad to help with the pain of arthritis

White Seal  $25.00 —  Cecilia the Seal Heat Pad,

beige Sheep with brown face & feet

Cozy Sheep in beige with brown $25 

Hot or Cold Therapy

 Easy-to-use, microwavable heating pads eliminate the inconvenience of filling — and sometimes leaking — hot water bottles. Unlike conventional electric heating pads, which are confining, these portable products go in the car and to the workplace. While the soothing heat is therapeutic, the colorful pads don’t look like medical devices.

If cold is what you need to reduce swelling or soothe mild burns then place this product in the freezer for a few hours and place on affected area. It is comfortable on the skin – totally unlike the harshness of ice-cubes – and it can be reused without worry of spoiling a bag of frozen peas.

Made in the USA!

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