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Gardening is Nature’s Gym

Someone resting their feet with a pair of gray foot warmers with Scotch red plaid lining that are microwaveable

Unique Home Remedies for Ballet Dancers

Sheep microwave heating pad warming a bed

Every household needs a bed warmer

Woman using extra long neck wrap to chill out on a hot summer day

Overwhelmed by First Week of School

Bumblebee pollinating white Azalias

Do you know someone who is afraid of bees?

Maine Warmers' Snowy Owl and Tan Owl wearing graduation hats

Microwave Heating Pad for a Graduate

Teenage girl using Maine Ice on her face to reduce swelling from wisdom tooth extraction.

Maine Warmers as Gentle Ice Packs

Oval ice pack in blue flannel is filled with whole corn and is called "Maine Ice - Soft & Nice."

Maine Ice – Soft & Nice — perfect for vasectomy recovery

Medium blue ice pack, words say -- Maine Ice is Soft on the face, 6" x 8"

Reduce Swelling after Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Knee Pack in Use

Need to Ease Arthritic Knees?