Do you talk to yourself out loud?

Do you talk to yourself out loud? Does it mean you are crazy if you do? Not from what I have read. After all, it is through speech and conversations that we communicate, so why wouldn’t we have conversations with ourselves?

However, if you talk out loud to yourself while others are around your talking might annoy them. I read a few stories about kids who grew up in the country and said their mothers talked out loud to themselves almost all of the time. To them it became a comforting sound.

Studies show that most people talk to themselves out loud, and when you are looking for an item, saying the name of it out loud might help you find it faster. The example I read about was finding misplaced car keys (I can unfortunately relate). If you say “keys” out loud while looking for them, the theory is, that it might increase your chances of finding them. Maybe it’s because verbalizing the word helps in visualizing the missing item.

If you misplaced your Maine Warmer, it may be that someone else has “borrowed” it. We hear from many people about this problem and post cautionary notes on our Web site about this issue. If you need to replace your “Warmer” give us a call and we’ll be glad to talk with you, or if you want to talk to yourself while you order online, we are fine with that.

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