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About Maine Warmers ~ microwave heating pad designs


When my husband had a muscle spasm in his back and could not stand up straight, I drove to the pharmacy to buy an electric heating pad. On the way, I thought about electric extension cords and outlets where he might plug one in. Then I recalled a friend handing me a microwave heating pad one cold winter night. I turned the car around and called our friend (pre-cell phone era) to find out what was inside the flannel bag.

Hers was filled with cattle beans, but I was told by a gentleman at Agway that whole corn was often used to make these heat packs. My husband was amazed at the relief the home-made heating pad provided and was especially pleased with the convenience – no wires or hot water bottles. He could watch TV, take it to bed, to work, and even use it in the car.

Over the years, I have enjoyed designing whimsical creatures and hearing from customers who tell me how these heat therapy products have helped them or their friends and relatives through difficult times.

At Maine Warmers we proudly continue the Maine tradition of providing top quality products and customer service.


Maine Products Marketing Program State of Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, 59 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0059, 297-287-8490

Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce  179 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Maine, 207-783-2249

Maine Women’s Business Directory  CEI Maine Women’s Business Center Maine Warmers is a woman owned business and is listed in this directory. This directory was established by Coastal Enterprises, Inc. in Maine.

NEARBY Registry  Find some of our products on the NEARBY Registry for bridal and baby shower registry or shopping for gifts.

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Maine SBDC — Small Business Development Center — “30” Award in June of 2007

New England Products Trade Show — Maine Warmers’ Cozy Sheep received Honorable Mention in the Best New Product competition, March 2002