Every household needs a bed warmer

“A copper warming pan is indispensable to a household. Take care to have a big enough quantity of embers, above all some red cinders, when you want to heat a bed. Get it smoldering well before you use it, otherwise the fire will soon go out and the bed will not warm up. You must move the warming pan constantly to avoid scorching the sheets. ~Cora Millet-Robinet, Domestic Economy, 1853 (translated loosely from the French)

Bed Warmers and Hot Water Bottles from LiveAuctioneers.com

For hundreds of years, bed warmers were common household items in countries with cold winters, especially in Europe.  Usually they were metal pans, fitted with handles and shaped somewhat like modern frying pans, with solid or finely perforated lids. The pans would be filled with hot coals and placed under the covers, to warm them up and/or dry them out before use. Today’s bed warmers are more convenient and safe and include hot water bottles, electric blankets and microwave heating pads.


Advantages of microwave bed warmers:

  1. Better Sleep & Save Energy in a Cool Room –  Sleep researchers believe that sleeping in a moderately cool room helps you sleep better. With a bed warmer, you can turn your furnace thermostat down — to not only save energy — but also to gain a cooler sleep environment.
  2. Sinus Problems Relief –  A lower temperature bedroom decreases dry sinuses, while a bed warmer keeps your body cozy and warm.
  3. Tension Release –  Try pre-warming the bed sheets for a few nights and see if the gentle warmth helps you relax and go to sleep.
  4. Muscle Soreness and Aches – Heat is one of the oldest natural remedies to reduce the pain associated with muscle soreness and aches.
  5. No wires as with electric blankets – Eliminate the worry and danger of overheating or fire.
  6. No messy hot water – A wet bed is worse than a cold bed, so eliminate the water and avoid the damp mess.
    Extra Large Back Warmer to warm a bed

    Extra Large Back Warmer in bed

Sheep microwave heating pad warming a bed

Sheep Microwave Heating Pad to warm a bed

Today, there are hundreds of bed warmers available on the market.  Try Maine Warmers Microwave Heating Pads for function, fun and value.

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