Reduce Swelling after Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions can be inevitable, especially for teens. It’s the dreaded appointment on the calendar, usually during the busy high school or Teenage girl using Maine Ice on her face  to reduce swelling from wisdom tooth years. The speed of recovery from this procedure depends on the degree of difficulty of the removal.  Whether it’s a simple extraction of a fully erupted tooth or more complicated extractions of teeth impacted into the jaw, both scenarios will cause facial swelling.

The oral surgeon will send you home with instructions to ice, ice, ice for the first 24 hours. We have a product that has proven to be the BEST ice pack for reducing facial swelling.  Maine Ice — soft & nice — has a comfortable, washable cover that feels good.  The corn filling freezes well, won’t melt, and conforms to the contours of your face.  Our customers have told us that Maine Ice is superior to homemade bags of harsh ice and the stiff gel packs sold in pharmacies or given to patients by oral surgeons.

At Maine Warmers, we focus on products of comfort to help people through difficult times.  When planning for wisdom teeth removal, make sure you have a Maine Ice (placed inside a plastic bag to protect it from picking up any food debris) in your freezer.  It provides welcome relief during the recovery process.Three photos, Maine Ice soft & nice, medium blue ice pack 6" x 8" Conforms to your face, gel pack are stiff & hars

Oral surgeons also recommend moist heat on the face after 24 hours of icing.  Maine Ice is not only an ice pack; it can be microwaved and used for gentle, moist heat.  The dual functionality of this product is another reason many people prefer it over gel packs.

Maine Ice retails for $17, and gives you the perfect single ice pack that doubles as a heat pack.

Maine Ice was inspired by customers who discovered that the inserts in our Hand Warmer Mittens made perfect little ice packs.  So we decided to sell the inserts as singles, and Maine Ice was born. (Please note, Maine Ice comes in Blue Shadow fabric, as shown above, but the shape and design is the same as the plaid Hand Warmers insert shown below.)Beige with Cranberry Bog Hand Warmers

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