Microwave Heating Pad for a Graduate

Snowy Owl microwave heating pad in white fleece with orange and black eyes on white background

Snowy Owl Microwave Heating Pad

The soothing warmth of a microwave heating pad promotes relaxation and is a great tool for students on their own for the first time. Many of us know high school seniors who will be off to college in the Fall.  If you’re looking for a practical gift idea for a graduate, consider a Maine Warmers’ Comforting Creature.  This useful gift is perfect for those who might need the companionship and quick relief that comes from a heat therapy pack.

Most colleges provide (or allow) microwaves in dorm rooms, so don’t worry about whether your gift recipient will be able to use a Maine Warmer.  This link from College Prep 101 provides an excellent list of what to bring to college, but we can think of many reasons why a microwave heating pad should be added to the list.  Here are just a few:

  • comforting companionship for homesickness
  • warming up when chilled, especially during cold weather
  • easing cramps or sore muscles due to long walks between classes
  • relaxing during times of stress (exam week and project deadlines)
  • natural pain relief in place of medicines (ibuprofen)
  • warming a bed (without the dangerous cords from an electric blanket/heating pad, likely not allowed in dorm room)
  • soothing an earache, tummy ache, headache, etc.
black bear warm pack

Maine Black Bear Microwave Heating Pad

Remember that all of our Comforting Creatures can be frozen too, and used as gentle ice packs.  Hot or cold, the unique designs of our Maine Warmers will surely make your graduate smile and feel great too.