Overwhelmed by First Week of School

Just when you thought having the kids back in school was going to make life easier, you suddenly feel overwhelmed with piles of work to do when they arrive home. A variety of school forms and notices need to be read and filled out. Alarm clocks are now set, lunches and snacks need to be made, and clothing ready to wear. Adjusting to a more rigid schedule takes a bit of time. Kids may be feeling a bit tired and grouchy, especially after a day in school with temperatures in the high 80’s.

Woman relaxing with an extra long neck warmer in giraffe print extra soft plush

Extra Long Neck Warmer in super-soft plush fabric

Sports and after school activities begin — with more forms to be filled out. Then there are supplies, sports equipment, and other purchase to make. Once again, you find yourself living in the car after school, transporting kids to and from activities.

Attending the school Parents’ Night or Open House takes up precious time that first week of the school year.  It is likely to be more than one night depending on the number of children you have in school.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t add any more worry or stress. You are normal, and other parents are going through the same things you are.

Now that the weather has turned cooler, take your Maine Warmer out of storage, heat it up, and place it on your neck to help you relax. In another week this will all be routine.