Do you know someone who is afraid of bees?

Do you know someone who is afraid of bees? Fear may be an appropriate response for those who are allergic, but for most people bees are a minor buzz killer.

With the recent discussions of depleted bee populations and more people now keeping bees in their back yards, here are some suggestions for children or adults who want to enjoy the outdoors but frantically fly away when a bee appears.Bumblebee pollinating white Azalias

  1. Dress in whites, blacks, or tans and avoid flowered prints and colorful outside clothing.
  2. Don’t wear perfumes or flowers in your hair.
  3. Skip the sweet drinks and snacks. Fruit is an invitation to a picnic for bees.
  4. Wear shoes. Bees sometimes hang out on the grass gathering nectar from clover.
  5. Wear your yoga pants or other tight fitting clothing so a bee can’t get caught inside a loose pant leg or blouse.
  6. Do your gardening early in the morning or when the sun is going down — when the bees bug off for the night.
  7. When bees are present don’t flap about and don’t swat at them.
  8. Close car windows to keep bees out.
  9. If you use an outside clothesline, check for an unsuspecting bee clinging to a shirt or sheet. I learned this the hard way, several times.
Maine Ice Soft and Nice is the size of a hand or about 8 x 6 inches

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