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Tips for Happy Feet

Foot Warmer Pads bring warmth & relaxation to tired feet

Foot Warmer Pad Giveaway

Man using extra long heating pad for his neck in a basement workshop

Father’s Day Neck Warmer Giveaway

Woman relaxing with an extra long neck warmer in giraffe print extra soft plush

Giraffe Neck Warmer Giveaway

Girl using Snowy Owl microwave heating pad to ease a tummy ache

Keep your sanity and sense of humor when Spring Fever sets in

Woman using heating pad to help with the pain of arthritis

A Mothers’ Day Wish

Are you prepared for spring showers?

dog microwave heat pads

Do you talk to yourself out loud?

Man using extra large microwave heating pad to relax stiff back muscles, feeling great, and floating on some clouds

Back Warmer Heat and Ice for Rehabilitating a Broken Leg

Swap the Sugar for a Microwave Heating Pad