Back Warmer Heat and Ice for Rehabilitating a Broken Leg

When my nephew was rehabilitating a broken leg from a ski injury, a physical therapist instructed him to use heat and ice at the same time, for 5 minutes, everyday.  For a young, active teen who’d been housebound all winter, he was not motivated.  I overheard his mom telling him to follow the PT’s instructions.  Then I watched my nephew shake his head and puzzle over how he was going to heat and ice at the same time.

Man using extra large microwave heating pad to relax stiff back muscles, feeling great, and floating on some clouds

Extra Large Back Warmer

I was visiting my sister and her family at their lovely ski home in Western New York.  I schlepped all of our ski gear from Maine, and of course, brought along my very favorite Maine Warmers product — the Extra Large Back Warmer.  I use this versatile Back Warmer every day — for aches and pains, to unwind before bed, and to warm up when I feel chilled.

Three photos, Maine Ice soft & nice, medium blue ice pack 6" x 8" Conforms to your face, gel pack are stiff & hars

Maine Ice is perfect for sensitive, painful areas. The corn won’t melt like ice and conforms to your body better than ice.

I immediately knew that this Back Warmer was just what my nephew needed.  I told him to get comfortable on the couch.  I popped the Back Warmer into the microwave for 2 minutes, and filled a plastic bag with crushed ice. (I wished I had brought a second Maine Warmer so I could have frozen it to use instead of ice.)  We carefully placed the Back Warmer under his knee where the PT had shown him.  Then we put the ice on top.  “Aaahhhh. Thank you, Aunt Jen,” he said with a huge smile.  He mentioned that the heating pad he was using before I arrived was too small.  He liked the size and shape of my Back Warmer better. He also liked that it didn’t have a stinky smell (like rice warmers) and it didn’t have any added perfumes.

So, you must know how this story ends.  I left that magical Back Warmer with my nephew in New York.  It’s not the first time I’ve shared one of my Maine Warmers and had it “disappear.” I was thrilled to let him keep it.


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