Swap the Sugar for a Microwave Heating Pad

What’s worse for your health — tobacco or sugar? Today I read that “sugar is the new tobacco” and a recent formation of worldwide experts, Action on Sugar, have gathered to reverse the worldwide obesity epidemic  — and its huge burden of disease — by lowering the amount of sugar intake.

As many of us are still coming come down from the sugar high of the holiday season, I can’t help but think about February 14th, the next holiday where sugary treats inevitably sneak back into our diets.  The aisles and ads of treats wrapped in shiny red boxes remind me that Valentine’s Day equals chocolate.

This Valentine’s Day, why not think outside the shiny red box?  What other ways can you show your sweetie you care?  Give him (or her) a gift of comfort and warmth — a gift that lasts much longer than a box of chocolates — and has no calories or harmful side effects.  Maine Warmers microwave heating pads come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional rectangular-shaped Neck and Back Warmers to adorable animals shapes in the Comforting Creatures line. Sometimes when I’m craving something sweet, I take a deep breath, heat up a warmer and snuggle up with it.  The satisfying heat is better than a sugary treat any day.

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