A Mothers’ Day Wish

What’s your Mothers’ Day wish?  How do you celebrate the mom in your life?

Mothers’ Day celebrations take many forms.  As a child, we’d honor my mother and grandmother by taking them out for a fancy brunch, which translated into a day off from cooking.  I remember making coupons – with no expiration dates – promising to clean my room, empty the dishwasher and weed the flower beds.

When I became a mother, my wish on Mothers’ Day was to do an activity I enjoyed, but was impossible with little ones tugging at my legs.  So, I started a tradition of gardening – going off to the nursery alone to buy flowers in the morning, getting my hands dirty, planting all day, guilt-free  — knowing the little ones were nearby, but occupied, fed, napped and well taken care of by Daddy.  My husband and children were generous and patient – giving me space from my motherly duties to get in my gardening zone.  There was no need for a big celebration with gifts and cake. To me, the gift of time, was exactly what I wished for.

No matter how you celebrate Mothers’ Day, we can probably agree that a simple act of kindness is all a mother really wants.

If you are the kind of mom who knows exactly how you want to celebrate Mothers’ Day – like I do – then go for it. Communicate your wishes to your family.  They will appreciate your honesty and you will enjoy the day you deserve.

If you need ideas for showing mom you care, check out this list of Mothers’ Day gift ideas that won’t cost you a penny.  Or read this article that polled moms and asked them what fun and healthy gifts they would want on Mothers’ Day.  Not only is May 11th Mothers’ Day, it’s the kick-off to National Women’s Health Week, an observance led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services whose goal is to empower women to make their health a priority.

Keeping mom’s health in mind, you could also give a gift of comfort and relaxation with a Maine Warmers’ microwave heating pad.  It’s a Maine-made lasting value that will help her feel great every day of the year.neck warmer microwave extra long

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