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Woman keeping warm with Woolly Bear neck heating pad

Woolly Bear Neck Warmer Giveaway

Foot Warmer Pads bring warmth & relaxation to tired feet

Foot Warmer Pad Giveaway

Black Bear Giveaway

Benny Bumpeezer Mouse Giveaway

Man using extra long heating pad for his neck in a basement workshop

Father’s Day Neck Warmer Giveaway

Woman relaxing with an extra long neck warmer in giraffe print extra soft plush

Giraffe Neck Warmer Giveaway

Sheep microwave heating pad warming a bed

Maine Warmers Survey Giveaway

Black Bear microwave heating pad relaxes stiff back and shoulder muscles

Black Bear Warmer Giveaway

Back Warmer with white & red baseballs on a blue background

Baseball Print Back Warmer Giveaway

man realing with alligator neck warmer while watching TV and using laptop

AL the Gator Giveaway