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Maine Warmers' Snowy Owl and Tan Owl wearing graduation hats

Microwave Heating Pad for a Graduate

Teenage girl using Maine Ice on her face to reduce swelling from wisdom tooth extraction.

Maine Warmers as Gentle Ice Packs

Benny Bumpeezer Mouse Giveaway

Man using extra long heating pad for his neck in a basement workshop

Father’s Day Neck Warmer Giveaway

proper posture at stand up computer station

Proper posture at stand up computer workstation

Woman relaxing with an extra long neck warmer in giraffe print extra soft plush

Giraffe Neck Warmer Giveaway

Sheep microwave heating pad warming a bed

Maine Warmers Survey Giveaway

Knee Pack in Use

Walk to Cure Arthritis

Kale Salad with golden raisins and cahsews

Kale Salad with Golden Raisins

Black Bear microwave heating pad relaxes stiff back and shoulder muscles

Black Bear Warmer Giveaway