Neck Warmers

Neck Warmers are perfect for relaxing tense or stiff muscles. The soothing heat penetrates and comforts deep muscles and lasts for about thirty to forty-five minutes. Did you wake up with a stiff neck from awkward sleeping posture? Do you tense neck muscles when you are stressed? Did you pull some neck muscles during a workout at the gym or painting a ceiling? A microwave Neck Warmer helps bring flexibility to tight neck, back, and other muscles.

Our Neck Warmers are unique in that we use whole corn filling. One advantage of whole corn over rice filling (in other brands) is that the corn does not take on a peculiar odor as rice does after it is microwaved. Rice-filled heating pads often have added fragrances to cover the unpleasant smell of the rice as it cooks over time. Corn-filled heating pads provide lasting value.