White Owl Microwave Heating Pad GIVEAWAY

Whoooooo’s ready for another Heating Pad Giveaway?

We have a “No Nose” White Owl.  (Oops! Our busy stitchers forgot to sew it on.) The lucky winner will get the Owl,  plus the cute red nose to sew on at home.  Or leave it off if you don’t sew, and he’ll still warm you up.

Snowy Owl microwave boday and bed warmer without nose

This giveaway will begin on Friday, February 13th.

For a chance to win:

1. Go to our Facebook page and “Follow” us and your name will go into the drawing twice.

2. Look for the Owl Giveaway Post and hit “Share” and your name will go into the drawing again.

Winner will be announced Thursday, February 26th.

2-26-15 We have an Owl winner! Congratulations to Erin Clem! 


Snowy owl microwave heating pad without nose

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