Trouble sleeping?

January is the month for resolutions and fresh starts — get more sleep, exercise more, eat healthier, communicate better, less screen time, smile more, nag less.  My mind is so busy setting goals it begins to interrupt my sleep.

Did you know that 67 percent of older adults suffer from insomnia symptoms at least a few nights a week? The Huffington Post recently posted an article from citing the top 7 reasons why adults have trouble sleeping.  They suggest simple lifestyle changes that can prevent difficulty falling asleep.  The first one that really works for me is to make the bedroom a technology-free zone.  Turning off the TV, ipad and iphone sends the message to my brain that it is time to “unplug.”

Adopting a bedtime routine — like reading a book or a game of Soduko — also aids in unwinding and ignoring the to-do list that’s growing in my brain.  I always include a Maine Warmer in my routine.  My current favorite is the Extra Large Back Warmer, microwaved for 3 minutes while I finish up the day’s kitchen cleanup.  I place the warmer under the covers at the foot of my bed.  There is a definite connection between warm feet and falling asleep. Try it.


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