I am so excited to have won the hand warmers! Thank you for the contest. These will come in handy this summer. The office air conditioning is so cold I have a hard time typing. Weird right ?!?!? Thanks again.

“Three weeks ago, I had a bilateral mastectomy and the doctor said to use heat several times a day to promote healing. So, Mr. Sheep and I have become very good friends.”  C. S. Orland Park, IL 9-8-15

It is a winter weather day here today and we are seriously addicted to our Maine Warmers. They are THE answer to cold hands or shoulders and certainly the best solution for a sore back or a stiff elbow. We do use ours in the summer months to cool off or to treat an unexpected injury. Of course,  it is an easy thing to keep one in the freezer and find relief in a moment. Thank you for this fine quality product. Most sincerely, ~K. R.  Williamsburg, Virginia 1-27-15


I wanted to share with you that I gave my dad his Father’s Day present early. He loved both items and loved that they were matching navy blue. Very happy guy and couldn’t have come at a better time for him physically. Dad also loved that you went to the trouble to make a custom navy blue cover for him, made him feel extra special. Thank you. I also wanted you to know how impressed I (we) are with the quality of the products. Truly, they are pieces of art. I sew and contemplated making my own. I’m so glad I didn’t because yours are beautiful quality. You’ll be seeing an order from me again sometime and I’m going to be referring you like crazy!

My sister gave me a microwave sheep heating pad from Maine Warmers. I have a lot wrong with my back and have arthritis among other things.
Using the sheep when I first get up has made a big difference in reducing stiffness and facilitating movement.  I also use it during the day. In addition to selling a great product, it is a pleasure doing business with the company. I highly recommend the sheep. And doing business with the nice people who work at Maine Warmers.

…we are tax preparers with very tight neck muscles!! Our existing back warmer (which we love) doesn’t work quite as well [as a Neck Warmer] when you are cranking out tax returns at work.  I expect we should have ordered two, as we may not want to share.

~M.B. Northborough, MA 3-13-14

My new warmer arrived yesterday! Thank you so much! Was awesome having both the regular size and now the extra large back one to use at night. So glad I ordered the extra large one for myself. Also – the one I ordered as a gift in January – the recipient hurt their back last week and was glad to have their new one. Thanks so much for this great product!

~ J.G.  Marcellus, NY  3-3-2014

Maine Warmers are a life saver in the cold! I was apprehensive of the black sheep warmer my sister-in-law had and didn’t think it could really do much to warm me in the negative temperatures. I was pleasantly surprised!! The warmer was literally a miracle when the heat went out and we were all shivering. Just a few minutes in the microwave go an absurdly long way and kept us warm for hours. We ordered one to take back to Richmond with us and can’t wait to order more for us and also for others as gifts. These warmers are truly amazing!

I'm loving my neck warmer (which arrived just a couple of weeks ago) and am wondering how I ever spent evenings without it around my neck! Thanks for your great products and high quality!→ Read more

My husband loves these booties, he has MS and diabetes and this is the first time in years we have been able to warm his icy feet – best purchase ever!!!!