Excess Sugar and Arthritis Pain

Who knew? According to Arthritis Today (Nov/Dec 2013) eating lots of sugar can spike inflammation in the body.  So, if you suffer from arthritis, excess sugar may cause you some added pain. There are some indications that high blood sugar levels impact cartilage and may be responsible for the deterioration of this important body part. So, to help keep inflammation down and to feel better, a limited amount of sugar in the diet may be just the thing. This is much easier said than done.

Holiday parties are famous for causing sugar overload.  In January, when the parties are over and there is an abundance of leftover cookies and chocolates, staying away from them may seem impossible.

If now’s the time to reduce sugar in your diet, enlist the help of other family members. Let them know what you want to do and why, and ask them for gentle help – no ridicule or put-downs.

What can help you avoid giving in to sugar cravings? Take a deep breath and relax. A Maine Warmer is a healthy indulgence that can help get you past that feeling of needing something sweet.  Try an extra large Neck Warmer in the shape of an alligator with a big smile on its face. It will warm you as well as relax you, and during these cold winter temperatures any added warmth is welcome. An extra large Back Warmer can help too. Give yourself the gift of comfort and relaxation minus the sugar — and calories — and when Valentine’s Day rolls around in another month, you’ll be feeling lighter and healthier.

One of my favorite desserts is an arrangement of fresh oranges, sliced dates, and slivers of fresh mint.

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