Snow Toys

A snow storm is like a new toy to a child. It provides hours of outside fun — building snow forts, creating snow sculptures, sliding, tubing, skiing, snowshoeing, and more. When they reluctantly come inside their faces are radiant with bright eyes and red cheeks. The physical activity is good for their bodies and minds.

Adults like to play in the snow too. The physical activity is healthy for them as well — as long as they don’t overdo. Shoveling and strenuous outdoor activities, like skiing, can lead to sore muscles that aren’t used other times of the year. A microwave heating pad can help relieve muscle stiffness. Acute pain is not normal and should be checked out by a medical professional.

A Cozy Bear, Hot Dog, and Al-The-Gator make fun gifts for kids and adults who have a few sore muscles, arthritis, or to provide comfort after surgery. If a cold pack is needed any of these heating pads can be frozen and used to reduce swelling and pain.