Save money and have more fun

Several years ago, when I found myself strapped for cash, I did some research and read that the best way to save money is to maintain good health. Fixing health problems, including visits to physicians and taking medications, is expensive — even with health insurance.

Although we can’t overcome our DNA  — yet —  we can control our activity level, diet, and social interactions.

The ladies in my gym class talk about how exercise keeps them mentally, as well as physically balanced, which seems strange listening to all the moaning and groaning going on during the exercise routines. But the results show, as the women who participate regularly look ten years younger than their ages and are physically able to do more. I think the talk and laughter in the locker-room after class pumps them up as much as the workouts!

I have watched women and men go from wearing baggy sweats to spandex after losing weight and changing shape as a

neck warmer heat pack

result of regular workouts. I have also seen people hurt themselves to the point of needing surgery by trying to do exercises that were not right for their bodies. Exercise routines can be adjusted to accommodate individual abilities and physical limitations. Finding appropriate exercises may require the help of a physical therapist and could prevent injury and be a worthwhile investment, saving you money and allowing you to have more fun.

With exercise comes some muscle tightness. It is natural and inevitable, and stretching helps maintain flexibility. Applying heat also helps relax tight muscles and can be used before or after a workout. A microwave Neck Warmer is portable, safe, and costs only pennies per use — truly, a lasting value!

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