Rule # 1 in an Emergency

We teach our children to fasten their seatbelts while riding in a car, to drive defensively, and obey the rules of the road. But do we teach them Rule #1 if they witness an automobile accident?

A few weeks ago, as my husband and I drove to a family gathering, we were shocked to see a black sedan appear out of nowhere, speed in front of us, and slam into a cement wall under a bridge in Portland, Maine. Our first reaction was to run to help. After we simultaneously opened our car doors, my husband abruptly handed me his cell phone and said, “Dial 911.” Then he ran to help while I talked with the police dispatcher to give location and answer as many questions as possible.

Within minutes the police and ambulance, with professionally trained personnel, arrived. A woman, the only person in the car, was regaining consciousness, and we knew she would be okay. The airbag and seatbelt saved her life.

I realized afterwards how important it is to be aware of Rule #1. As difficult as it may be to talk about with teenagers and younger children, it’s also important to remember that a few moments can save a person’s life.

For a brief, but excellent explanation on what to do if you come across an accident visit

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