Reduce Stress During the Holidays

There is an imaginary row of twenty hooks with empty bags dangling from each one outside the yoga studio where we are told to stuff our worries before entering the room. Some bags are close to bursting, others are moderately full, but all have at least a small bulge.

It can be hard to let go of worry, especially if we practice it daily. So, it is a relief to be told to let go of our concerns for that hour. The yoga teacher tells us that most of our pain is self-inflicted, brought on by our own worry over things we cannot control.

We all have some form of worry at times, which she says can be healthy, as it keeps us tuned in and safe from danger. But when it becomes more than that and makes us anxious, it may become unhealthy. I find it takes a concentrated effort to decide what is worth the worry and what is not.

If you are feeling anxious or worried, try using a Maine Warmer to help relax during times of high stress, like the holiday season. As you microwave your warmer, create an imaginary hook with a bag outside your door, stuff your worries away, and give yourself an hour or more of freedom.  Curl up with any of our Neck Warmers, Back Warmers or Comforting Creatures and feel the tension melt away.

This article from the Mayo Clinic may shed a little more light on anxiety and its symptoms.