I’d like you to know that one of my favorite things in the world is my Maine Warmer…..it helps my aching feet, both in the summer and in the winter (when I warm it up.) My husband also appreciates it because it means my icy toes are not under his legs trying to warm up! When my calves hurt, it helps elevate them a bit in bed. My kids call it “Mom’s corn thingy,” and sometimes they’ll get it hot and toasty for me. I think the weight and the consistency feel just right! So, it is with pleasure that I give them to my friend’s that are turning 50 this year….one named Betsy whose children are throwing her a surprise party! The cozy cat will be for Patty, a mere 49 this July….yet I know her newly arthritic hands will enjoy the warmth, and won’t he look adorable as an accent pillow on her sofa?? My 50th is coming up in October….so the neck warmer will be the “long corn thingy” to accompany my back warmer, which, is my toe warmer! Thanks for the great products…”