I’ve recently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I’ve found that corn-bags work far better than anything I’ve used to relieve the swelling and pain. I only had one that my daughter bought me years ago before I knew I had RA… it was a long, rather narrow tube type bag and did not work well at all for wrists, ankles, feet, hands, etc, but I was able to use it well enough to tell the corn was helping far more than heating pads, thermal wraps, etc.

I searched the internet for a couple of days without any significant results and I was about to think that corn wraps were a thing of the past, but then I came across your site. When I saw your adorable designs and the sizes you offered I just had to have one… or two! When they arrived I was so impressed. As I mentioned before, the workmanship is outstanding and the designs are adorable. I had been out shopping with my sister so when I got home my ankle was very swollen and sore. The box was on the porch, I opened it and immediately threw the gray kitty in the microwave, heated it up and laid it on my ankle… ahhhh, heaven I tell ya!! It wasn’t too heavy, formed around my ankle perfectly, it retained the heat, and it’s cute little face had me smiling through my pain… I can’t say that about an electric heating pad!! Seriously, your corn-warmers are far better than a heating pad in every way!!