Teach your kids that exercise is important…and fun!

Set a good example for your kids — show them that exercise is important to their health. Go outside and exercise with them. Spring is almost here! Play ball, go for a walk or bike ride, play tennis or golf, take a hike, plant a garden together, and have fun.

Most people don’t want to spend even 30 minutes on a treadmill by themselves. Kids aren’t any different. When you “get moving” together it teaches your children that physical activity is not only good for them but it can be fun.

If exercise is a drag, most people won’t stick with it. Make time in your daily routine, and vary the activities so you don’t get bored. When kids have a lot of homework it is especially important to exercise. Physical activity stimulates blood circulation, and recent studies show that it may contribute to better grades in school.

Don’t let sore muscles keep kids from exercising. When you start becoming more physically active, you and your child may experience some muscle tightness at first. Use a heating pad to help relax tight muscles or ease leg cramps. Let your child know this is normal and will feel better as his or her body becomes more used to new activity. We’re not talking extreme pain — just muscle tightness that will be eased by heat or ibuprofen.

The key is to make exercising together a positive time. Challenge your children but allow them to feel good about what they accomplish during this play time. Let them win. Praise them when they do well. Save the arguments for another time. Enjoy!!!

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