Orange and Date Dessert (Gluten-free)

This combination makes a sweet and light dessert, perfect for a winter dinner or as a side dish. Serve it as a salad with lunch or brunch. If you don’torange and date salad have dates you may substitute with other dried fruit.

 Serves 8

6 large navel oranges, skinned and cut into bite sized pieces

8 large dried dates – pitted and sliced

½ cup almonds (substitute walnuts, pecans, Macadamia nuts, or hazelnuts)

6 fresh mint leaves cut into slivers

½ cup dried cranberries

Layer and arrange cut oranges, dates, almonds, cranberries, and mint onto a platter or shallow bowl.


The original recipe came from THE ESSENTIAL MEDITERRANEAN COOKBOOK (Murdoch Books, Sydney, Australia) 2001

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