Migraines and Moist Heat Therapy

Are you living with migraines?  Determining what triggers your migraines and how you manage them can be a difficult challenge.

Have you ever tried heat therapy?  Also known as thermotherapy, heat therapy involves applying something warm to a body part to relieve pain.  For migraine sufferers, the application of a moist heat pack to the head might help.  Heat relaxes muscles, stimulates blood flow, sends signals to nerve endings, and changes the body’s reaction to pain.

Read more about how heat may help your migraines.

The adorable Comforting Creatures at Maine Warmers, will not only put a smile on your face, but the convenient, safe, moist heat they provide may give you another “go to” in your arsenal against migraines.  You might find that these heating pads help you in many other ways, too.

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