Heat therapy relieves pain of urinary tract infection

I thought I had heard or read about every use there is for microwave heating pads. But just this weekend I took a family member to the doctor for a urinary tract infection and we were given some Home Care Instructions on the way out.

Among the recommendations – including a full regimen of antibiotics, drinking lots of water, and avoiding caffeine and carbonated drinks – was taking a hot bath or the use of a heating pad (placed on the lower stomach or back) to help relieve pain.

The written instructions recommended not going to sleep with a heating pad. The danger is that an electric heating pad may overheat, causing burns. A microwave heat pack will slowly cool off after it is heated, thus eliminating the worry of overheating. Another benefit of microwave heat packs is that there is no electrical cord tied to an outlet, which allows for freedom to sit anywhere, and take the heating pad mobile, like in the car or to work.

Maine Warmers has a variety of Back Warmers that can be microwaved and used to help stimulate circulation and help ease pain.  A Cozy Panda Bear or Cat are both microwave heating pads that bring comforting companionship for someone who could use some TLC.

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