How To Make a Rice or Corn Sock

Making a DIY Warmer is Quick & Easy
Making your own warmer is quick and easy! Using corn or rice, you can make a pack that’s suitable to use hot or cold to relieve minor aches. Your home made warmer can be a great comfort on a chilly night, or when your muscles feel achy and tired.

Here’s how to do it! Pour 4 cups of rice or whole corn into a cotton tube sock or knee length sock, tie off the end with string or stitch it closed, and microwave it for a minute. If the rice begins to take on a peculiar odor after heating several times, empty it out and refill the sock with fresh rice. Or fill with whole corn (not popping corn) and make a “corn bag” or “corn cozy,” as they are sometimes called. The corn does not smell even after being heated multiple times.

Be careful not to burn the rice or corn by overheating. A minute and a half at full power in your microwave is usually sufficient. If it is too hot try reducing the amount of time the sock is heated by 30 seconds. If it is not hot enough try heating it for 30 seconds more until you find the desired heating time.

Making Your Warmer Is Easy & Inexpensive

All you’ll need to make your own warmer is a tube sock & some corn. The tube sock can be purchased at almost any store, or just use one that lost its mate in the dryer. If you’re using an older sock, just make sure it has no holes or the corn will come out. Animal feed stores carry whole corn, and some will sell it in smaller quantities than 50 pound bags. In Maine, Blue Seal Feeds carries whole corn and packages it in 5 pound bags for distribution to hardware stores (or places where you might find bird food).


Enjoy Your Finished Warmer!
After you’ve filled your sock with rice or corn, your warmer is easy to use again and again. Be careful not to overheat and don’t cook the rice or try to eat it. For a creative project, let your kids decorate a tube sock with felt, plastic buttons (NO METAL) or fabric markers.  When they are finished, simply fill the sock with rice or corn and the whole family can enjoy the hot or cold comfort of your DIY warmer!

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