A Little History of Maine Warmers Images

Illustration of woman using a microwave back warmer
In 2000, as I launched Maine Warmers’ Web site I wanted to include photographs of the Neck Warmers and Back Warmers. Digital cameras were expensive back then and including photos was a challenge, so I illustrated most of the first Web site.

The few photos I took were with a 35 mm camera, and the film had to be sent away to be developed, then scanned. Trying to photograph a flannel bag filled with corn and explain to people why they should buy it, was not quite as easy as I expected it to be.

Photos of Maine Warmers back and neck warmers taken for the original Web site

In time the price of digital cameras came down, and I found models. Lighting, backgrounds, and learning the new technology behind the camera made me appreciate the skills of  professional photographers. So, I recognized my limitations and just tried to have fun.

David with an extra long neck warmer, I thought was funny, but when I displayed the actual model at a trade show in Philadelphia, most folks didn’t get it — even with a sign next to it that said, “Have you had a stiff neck for awhile?” Those who did, laughed out loud.

Bust of Michaelangelo's David with a Navy Blue extra long Neck Warmer



Then I found taking photos of outside backgrounds and superimposing our creatures onto them was a hoot! This background is in the Everglades National Park and was taken at my request by a professional photographer and guide. Al-the-Gator is a product that my grandson asked me to create. At age seven, he drew the original design in just a few minutes.

Alligator extra long neck warmer in photo taken in the Everglades National Park





Today, Claudia Murray takes most of our photos of models with our products, and Holly Lancaster has taken many of the products in fun poses like the Hot Dogs on our home page.

We also take photos to post on the Web site, Facebook, Pinterest, like this one for Valentine’s Day, with the hope that our viewers will laugh and enjoy them.

Polar Bear and Black Bear Heating Pads almost kissing with a heart and text - Some like it hot, Some like it cold, Somewhere in between is a happy medium