What Kids Really Want for Christmas – Part I

It’s often overlooked that children experience stress during the holidays, not just adults.  Children get amped about gifts and sugary treats and all the magic that comes with the season. The anticipation plus the change of pace from the “normal” routine can be challenging.  Parents are preoccupied with making lists (and checking them twice), shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, & cooking – and kids often feel the pressure.

Here are a few simple ideas for helping kids feel calm and connected during a very hectic season:

Change the focus from material details to that of simply helping others.  A few minutes of undivided attention to a young child can go a long way.

Relax your tense muscles with heat therapy from a Maine Warmers Bunny.  Then take some time together to put your feet up, snuggle, read a book, or watch a favorite movie.

Stay tuned for more tips as we get closer to the holiday!