Keeping Your Cool in the Heat

I recently heard that there is an app for a GPS with an attitude. For example, when a driver disregards the GPS directions to take a short-cut or detour, the voice responds disdainfully, “I said turn right, you idiot!” Many drivers, in turn, respond to a GPS voice as if in conversation and sometimes with profanity.

Attitude can be quite humorous and harmless, but there is a well marked line between fun and lack of respect. When we are in a hurry, upset, angry, frustrated, or in pain, our attitudes can go from nice to negative in seconds. Irate motor vehicle operators often yell at other drivers, make obscene hand gestures, swear, and honk horns — actions they might not take outside of a car or truck.

I recently watched a news report about increasing road rage and how defusing an ugly situation with a calm voice may help prevent a serious altercation. It’s hard for us to know what burdens people carry on their shoulders, and keeping cool in the heat of a bad road experience may be the safest option. There is an excellent article on about how to prevent road rage.

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