Island Spring Ritual

Since many of you have read my Island stories, I thought you might like a glimpse of Island life via this gentle two minute video, called Spring Island Ritual. By the way, no cars or trucks end up in the water!

Every few years, wooden boats need to be re-caulked and painted to protect them from the salt water. It’s a ritual that Islanders take for granted. “The Wicked Cunnin,'” is the name of a small “Bob-built” boat, painted bright yellow (easy to spot in the fog) and featured in this short movie.

 Thank you to Maine musician, Gary Richardson, who so kindly gave permission to combine his guitar music with the photos in this movie.

Newly painted "Wicked Cunnin'"

I hope this brings you a few minutes of peace and relaxation with a reminder that a new year filled with hope, joy, and sunshine is just around the corner.