How to make an inexpensive stand-up computer station

We often hear from people who have stiff backs, necks, or knees from sitting at a computer all day, and they need a heating pad to help relax their muscles. To avoid stiff joints from sitting too much we recommend maintaining good computer posture with a stand-up computer station to help avoid injury and to be more productive.

Stand up computer desk made with step stools and wood panels

Stand up computer station

Ideally, a station that moves up and down easily would be best, but they can be expensive.

This work station is easy to assemble and does not require saws, hammers, or other tools. It is not one you would want to take down and put up every day, although it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to assemble.

The display screen should be at eye level and can be adjusted up with reams of paper underneath the monitor, as shown. Some display screens tilt, which may also help in achieving the correct height and angle.

All of the components (with the exception of the desk) – step stools and fake wood panels — were purchased at Home Depot for under $75. They can be easily stored when not in use as the step-stools fold up and the wood panels do not take up much space.

Materials needed:

Desk or table – the desk in the picture is 50” x 30”

5 plastic (or wood) step stools about 12” long by 9” wide by 9” high (Foldable ones are convenient for storing).

stand up computer desk close up

Close-up of stand-up computer station

2 wood panels about 4 feet long by 12” wide by at least ½” thick – These panels are pressed board with a fake wood finish, but I am going to refer to them as wood panels. They still look nice and they come in a variety of woods grains or paint.

1 wood panel 24” long by 12” wide by ½” thick

A few reams of paper (optional)


Place four step stools on the desk and the two wood panels (4 feet in length) across them as shown in the photo.

Place the keyboard and mouse on top of the front wood panel. On the back wood panel place another step stool and across that place the 24” long wood panel. On the center of the 24” wood panel place the display screen. Adjust the height in small increments with reams of paper as needed.

A timer helps you remember to take breaks and maintain a healthy balance between standing at your station and doing other activities.

If you need a heating pad to help with neck or back stiffness, check out our line of back and neck warmers – and remember to take more breaks away from the computer.

folding step-stool

Man relaxing stiff neck muscles with microwaveable Dachshund Neck Warmer

Dachshund Neck Warmer relaxes stiff neck muscles


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