Hot & cold therapy provide help for arthritis pain

Doctors recommend the use of hot & cold therapy for help with arthritis pain. Because heat stimulates circulation it may help with flexibility before exercise, which most medical professionals say also helps keep muscles strong and supportive. A microwave heating pad, heated for about a minute and a half, provides at least 15 minutes of soothing heat (the recommended amount of time for warming muscles). The warmth may be especially helpful for relaxing stiffness in hands or feet.

Sometimes ice or cold therapy works, possibly when swelling is present. Maine Warmers can be frozen and used for gentle coldness – not like the harshness of ice cubes. Store in the freezer in a plastic bag and use when needed.

The shape of a Maine Warmer conforms to your body making it comfortable.

Two reputable resources that might provide help dealing with arthritis are WebMD and The National Institutes on Aging.

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