Heat for Feet – Soothing Relief

I used to wonder why models looked so unhappy on the pages of high fashion magazines. If I were as thin and nice looking as some of them I’d be all smiles! Finally it dawned on me — look at their feet.  If you wore those spiky heels you’d probably look tortured too.

High heels are the cause of a variety of foot ailments, a lot of pain, and sometimes damage that has long-lasting consequences. Wearing them increases the risk of falls and fractures. Ask Lady Gaga about doing a face plant at Heathrow Airport that was captured on camera.foot warmers sm

If your feet hurt from wearing high heels, working on them all day, or from strenuous exercise, try a little heat therapy.  Heat relaxes muscles, increases circulation, and improves flexibility. Maine Warmers sells Foot Warmers, but a simpler, more versatile, and less expensive product, a Back Warmer,  helps ease the pain of sore tired feet just as well. A removable cover makes laundering easy.