Group Fitness Class

A group fitness class can be fun, social and highly motivating for sticking to your exercise goals.  Are you an avid group fitness attendee? Maybe you’ve never tried a group class?

It’s very important to proceed with caution with any type of exercise class , especially as we get older and are more prone to injury.  Perhaps the term “aging gracefully“ applies here. To establish and maintain a safe fitness class routine, jump in slowly, listen to your body, and modify the exercises to accommodate for your age and ability. You’ll be happy to avoid these common injuries:

  • Knee pain – from spinning classes when the bike is set up improperly for your body
  • Muscle strain and stress injuries – from repetitive resistance/weight training
  • Stress fractures in ankle, knee and foot – from Zumba
  • Neck discomfort – from Pilates
  • Wrist and lower back pain – from Yoga

For specific tips on how to stay injury-free, check out “Avoid These 6 Common Fitness Class Injuries “ from Women’s Health Magazine.

Even if you heed the warning signs, many aches and pains still result from working out and that’s normal.  Heat and ice — two of the oldest remedies for aches and pains – come in handy before and after a workout.  Heat will loosen tight muscles, increase circulation and promote flexibility.  Ice will reduce swelling and dull pain, and also cool you off after aerobic exercise, especially on a hot day.

Froggie Microwave Heating Pad

Froggie Hot and Cold Pack — Microwave or Freeze

If you happen to jump into fitness class with too much enthusiasm and do need heat or ice, a Froggie Hot and Cold Pack is the friend for you.  Microwave or freeze him for whatever ails you.

Did you know that Friday is National Frog Jumping Day? It’s the perfect time to jump into a new group fitness class!

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