Green Grape & Blueberry Party Hors d’oeuvres


Green grapes and blueberries on toothpicks arranged  around a plate with yogurt dip in the center

Grape & blueberries with vanilla Greek yogurt

These colorful fruits on toothpicks make a lovely addition to a party. Because they are attractive and easy to eat they disappear like hot cakes. Adults love them as well as kids. It can be fun to have an extra plate of them prepared and stashed away for when they have disappeared.

Kids also love to make these, and I find putting the grapes and blueberries onto the toothpicks can become an event where I spend quality time with my grandchildren. Telling stories or having time to sit a talk with children is a wonderful thing for all.


Put green seedless grapes (although red ones would be fine as well) and fresh blueberries alternately on toothpicks. If the grapes or blueberries are small you may have to double up on some. Otherwise, start with a blueberry, then a grape, and then another blueberry. Arrange around a plate, leaving room for a small dish of yogurt or sour cream dip.


Use vanilla Greek yogurt


Mix 2 tablespoons of light brown sugar with ¾ cup sour cream.

Place the grapes and blueberries around a plate and a small container of dip in the middle.


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