Fuller Frog Giveaway

This Fuller Frog Giveaway is the second in our series of frog prototype giveaways.

Fuller Frog Giveaway

“Fuller Frog” — one step closer in the frog design process

As Betsy worked through the frog design process, this guy started to look more like what she was aiming for — a fuller, wider body, perfect for wrapping around sore knees or covering the abdomen or back. He’s still a far cry from our final Froggie design, but we know he’s just as functional and should go to a good home.

For a chance to win this “Fuller Frog” prototype:

1. Go to the Maine Warmers Facebook page and Follow us by “Liking” our page.

2. Like or Comment on the Fuller Frog Giveaway Post.

The winner will be announced Thursday, April 28th.

Congratulations to Terressa Ferguson Zook! 4-28-16





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