Freaky Frog Giveaway

The design process for our Comforting Creatures requires many drawings, patterns and hours of cutting, sewing and going back to the drawing board.   By the time Maine Warmers owner/designer, Betsy Hanscom, is satisfied with a new design, the office is filled with prototypes.  Currently, we have piles of frogs.  Green ones, blue ones, fat ones, skinny ones — far from perfect — but perfectly functional for use as microwave heating pads/ice packs.

Frog w white background

“Froggie” – the final design

Betsy’s final design, “Froggie,” was shared at the New England Made Show two weeks ago, and he has just gone live on our website.  Check him out!

Wondering what to do with all these frog prototypes, we have decided to give them away to our fans. Even though they are not the “real deal” Froggie, they are still cute and silly and functional hot and cold packs.  And they show our fans a peek into the design process, which takes time, patience and a lot of trial and error to get high-quality products. We often receive requests from customers for new designs, and we take them all into consideration, keeping in mind that the process is not quick. What will Betsy design in 2017?

original prototype frog

“Freaky Frog” — one of the first designs; no green fabric because Betsy was focusing on the frog’s shape at this point (about 15 inches long)

For a chance to win Freaky Frog:

1. Go to the Maine Warmers Facebook page and Follow us by “Liking” our page.

2. Like or Comment on the Freaky Frog Giveaway Post.

The winner will be announced Tuesday, April 12th.

Congratulations to Vicki Thatcher Baltz! 4-12-16




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