5 ways to stay safe driving in the snow

This winter has been filled with snow storms, sloppy roads, and delays. Here are a few tips for staying safe on the roads:

Snowbank in Maine

Snowbank in Maine

  1. Slow down and give yourself plenty of extra travel time. It might take twice as long to get to the grocery store or work.
  2. Remember that snowbanks from the plows make the road more narrow. When the shoulder or turning lane is blocked, there is no where to go if the car in front of you stops.
  3. Give yourself plenty of space and don’t cut corners too quickly, especially at intersections and in crowded parking lots where the snowbanks are mountainous.
  4. Make sure your car is “winter ready.” This includes tires in good shape, a gas tank always at least 1/2 full, and plenty of windshield cleaner. A dirty window adds extra stress when visibility is already compromised.
  5. Be dressed for the weather, even for shorts trips to the corner store. Coat, hat, gloves, and proper boots are essential for everyone, including the kids. I see so many kids these days without coats on frigid days. What happens to them if the car goes in the ditch or breaks down?

If driving in the snowy conditions stresses you out, go home (don’t rush), heat up a Maine Warmer, have a cup of tea or cocoa and enjoy the snow. You have to admit — the fresh, white powder can be a lovely view from the comfort of your home. It’s not so pretty from behind the wheel.

Stay warm and be safe out there!Woman using Polar Bear microwave heating pad to warm hands

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